EMBRACE: Avenues for growth in the means of grace.Discipleship - The 3 opportunities for discipleship this Fall...

  • Seminar: Sept 7, "Hearing the minority voice in the American Church"

Nov 5, "Changes at work post #metoo"

  • Workshop: 3 sessions in September: God's Word, Prayer, Community

    1. Groups: We plan to have men's, women's and children's groups.

Month of Prayer - Sept will be a month of prayer - details/sign-up soon

Bible Study/Memorization - Reading & Memorization plans for Philippians

EMBODY: Avenues for growth in relationship/community.

Home Groups: Regular and best opportunity for care and connection.

  • 1st Sunday - All together for "Family Supper"

    1. 2nd and 4th Sundays - Meet in Homes, 3rd Sunday - "OFF"

Eat with 8: Details soon - Host or attend supper to get to know 8 Parks friends or neighbors better!

Other Gatherings: Men's Night - Sept 1; Women's Gathering - Details soon!

EXTEND: Avenues for growth in the mission of grace.

Ministry Teams: Use your gifts to Serve the Church and the Kingdom!

  • Worship/Sunday Morn: Music, Coffee, Aesthetics, Welcoming, Liturgy, etc

    1. Facilities/Finance: Budgets, Set-up, Space Needs, Campaigns, etc.

    2. Shepherding/Care: Home Groups, Crisis Needs, Meals, Visitors Care, etc.

    3. Equipping: Adults & Children's Disicpleship, Mens/Womens Events, etc.

    4. Mercy/Justice/Mission: Evangelism, Benevolence, Missions, Social Cause

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I am interested in the 3 week Discipleship Workshop in September.
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