Jesus Changes Everything


In and through Jesus Christ, Parks Church exists to bring wholeness and flourishing to the people and places of West Nashville resulting in personal, family, neighborhood, and cultural renewal that reverberates in Nashville and around the world. 

In and through Jesus Christ

Our identity - Our union with Jesus…the truth that we are hidden in Christ and that he is in us…is the foundation of all that we are and therefore all that we do.


To help bring wholeness (peace) and flourishing (prosperity)

Our aspiration - Based on Genesis 1-2 and Jeremiah 29:7 we seek to love our God and neighbors by partnering with others to bring about a city that is a thriving and good place for all to live.

 Our dynamic - The way we help bring about wholeness and flourishing is through the application of the Gospel to all of life.  By and through Holy Spirit, God’s word is both the power for and shaping factor of all we do (Romans 1:16; Galatians 2:14). From the gospel flow our core values, spelled out below.

Our mission -  In order to bring about this wholeness and flourishing, we commit ourselves to a rallying cry, a mission statement – to embrace, embody, and extend God's Mission where we live, love, and labor.   


To the people and places of West Nashville

The facets or “fronts” of Parks Church are the main organizational manifestation of our core values. We call them facets or fronts because each is an aspect of the whole, and this means that, while each front specializes in expressing certain values, everyone must carry out their ministry giving attention to all of them. So, for example, worship ministry must consider how to conduct their ministry with reference to cultural renewal, and neighborhood cultivation cannot fail to keep evangelism in mind.

  • Personal renewal: We labor to help people know and walk with God through worship, evangelism and discipleship since the whole life is converted and changed by the gospel.

  • Family renewal: We labor to help people define, celebrate, and be equipped for his/her role in Family and the passing down of Gospel and Life wisdom & values from this generation to the next.

  • Neighborhood renewal: We labor to help people know and love one another through worship, Community Group fellowship, and sharing of resources, as well as being a counterculture with regard to our local blind spots. This includes knowing and walking with the poor and marginalized, partnering with ministries of justice and compassion, and impacting the whole city through the civic involvement of our people.

  • Cultural renewal: We labor to equip and mobilize people to helpfully engage the culture by creating and cultivating, particularly through the integration of faith with vocation.

That reverberates in Nashville and around the world.

It is our hope that the presence of God tasted in this area of the city would be felt and replicated in other parts of Nashville.  To that end we will be intentionally involved in planting other churches to saturate the West End of Nashville and beyond with Gospel presence.  In addition, because of the unique role this community and this city plays in the global society, we will partner with others to see wider-ranging influence in Nashville-major cultural avenues (music, healthcare, etc).